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By Haresh Bakshi

ISBN-10: 1412231353

ISBN-13: 9781412231350

Indian classical track is so enduring that it truly is exempt from oblivion. it really is destined to dwell in every age of this world.

This publication on North Indian classical song (also referred to as Hindustani song) tells you, easily and informally, concerning the most well liked a hundred and one raga-s, and 161 issues quite often pointed out in dialog, articles and books on Hindustani tune. it's the most sensible instrument to profit approximately and luxuriate in this style of track, that is an important component to international tune.

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2 Three Modalities Charlie over the Ocean g ! Y 86 C C C C C Char - lie o - ver the ! Y C C g C Char - lie caught C a CO CO CO C black - bird C C C C C o - cean. g g C g Char - lie o - ver the he Grade Level One–two Focus d–r–m, m–r–d, d–s ¥≤ rhythm: q e; qrr; q. Objectives Children will be able to: CO can’t CO catch S CO T sea. CO S T me. 1. Sing and chant pitch and rhythm patterns noted above, in isolation and in the context of the song “Charlie over the Ocean” (a). 2. Map the pitch and rhythm patterns as they are sounded in the song, in the air, on paper, and on the blackboard (v, k).

Gaining and maintaining attention ✦ Ask a probing question to pique curiosity ✦ Present a startling statement ✦ Tell a short story ✦ Sing a favorite familiar song with children ✦ Clap a rhythm children can imitate ✦ Play a recording that encourages children’s movement responses ✦ Engage children in immediate participation 2. Preparing learners for instruction ✦ Repeat #1, but with relevance to the new music to be learned ✦ Share with children the goals and expectations of the lesson or activity ✦ Present fragments and phrases of the new music to be learned as teasers for children’s imitation 3.

Children choose to watch and listen to their parents and teachers, whose behaviors they later emulate. Their observations of these models are mentally organized, memorized, and recalled when similar situations for thinking and acting arise in their lives. The process of environmental influences and social learning are played out as the student recalls the visual or aural codes of earlier observations and practices the behaviors first demonstrated by the models. Social learning theory is prominent in musical settings, because modeling is critical to the 24 CHAPTER 2 / F R O M T H E O RY T O P R A C T I C E I N T E A C H I N G M U S I C T O C H I L D R E N © Jerry Gay Teacher-as-model singing with children student’s watching, listening, and then performing the music in the manner and style of the teacher.

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