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MS 4) Postpostitions of accompaniment can occur postverbally or, as shown in (70), preverbally. 70) Ka obo ata [nu merebehei CCJN woman FDEM [3S girl go'u ma fishing ACT odai ri. go SUBCL rautu] pe kehi ta ahi'iai ka ACCM] canoe small in depart DEC A certain lady decided to go crabbing with her niece in their small canoe. 5 Clausal Relations There are several particles that seem to relate clauses. It is beyond the scope of this thesis to investigate these in depth, but there are a few things to note with respect to how clauses relate to 33 each other in Urama.

Then p-urai. PST-block Noma used his magic power to put a log across the whole river and succeeded in blocking it off. (TBC4) Then as he fights off the crocodile, the ro marker is not used in a series of sentences where we would expect it on transitive verbs such as snatch, kill and spear. The first of those sentences is shown here as (109). (TBC5) The agent is clear and is doing all of these actions, so there is no need to continue to mark this agent. Nu is subject of both the main verb ovahi'iti and the verb in the subordinate clause, erehe'eai.

The agent in a ditransitive clause normally takes the ro marker. The subject of ema’ai ‘to give’ always has the ro marker as in (96), even if the other participants are not very animate. 42 96) Ka do'ou Kinomere orio painai ka, CCJN now Kinomere new name bogobogo ubi DEC white ro people AG i-ema'ai-mo BK-give-PL painai ka. name DEC And nowadays Kinomere has a new name which the white people have given it. (Family History 17) Example (97), which has multiple clauses, has no ro marker at all. The first clause is intransitive where we would not normally expect the postposition, and even if there are several transitive clauses in the sentence, as long as they share the agent in the first clause ro does not occur.

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