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By Anne Ophelia Dowden

ISBN-10: 0529055481

ISBN-13: 9780529055484

An advent to herbs, their historical past, features, and their many makes use of.

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They are medicinally potent — bells of foxglove were always considered flowers, but the old herbalists used ailments not at its fairies' leaves to treat a variety of related either to fairies or to the plant's true all area of effectiveness, the heart. Gerard, for instance, recom- mends it for stoppages of the liver or spleen, while other and wounds. Actually, it contains four powerful glucosides, of which three are heart herbalists applied it stimulants, so that to external sores it is now a standard drug in heart therapy.

Quite important plant was the one dedicated to the St. John's wort. It was hated by every evil spirit, and all over Europe it was carried as a charm or hung in windows so that no demon could enter. Hung in a bedchamber, it would bring dreams of a future husband. It also, of course, was used in medicine, and the Doctrine of Signatures ruled that its reddish juice would heal deep wounds. For an "amorous medicine," or love philter, periwinkle was important. Known in France as "sorcerer's violet," it also pro- moted happiness; and its leaves, eaten or worn, had great power against evil spirits, snakes, and spite.

Penuinkle was used as an astringent and Ground up tonic. " ST. JOHN'S WORT Hypericum perforatum Aristotle first recorded the belief that swallows used greater celandine to restore sight to their young The plant scientific Inevitably, is they were blinded. therefore sometimes called swallow- wort, name comes from it if and its the Greek word for swallow. was considered a cure for various eye troubles, as well as for yellow diseases like jaundice. To this day, its yellow — one of the many remedies proposed for warts as effective as any, because warts have the obliging property of going away by themselves.

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