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Survey of Little-known Languages of Ethiopia Linguistic Report 6: 1-2. Alemayehu Abebe (1994) Malo: An unknown Ometo language. In: Harold M. ) New trends in Ethiopian studies (Papers of the 12th international conference of Ethiopian studies, Michigan State University, 5-10 September 1994) Volume I: humanities and human resources, 1064-1084. Lawrenceville: The Red Sea Press. Alemayahu Haile (1994) Some aspects of the phonology of Basketo. ) Proceedings of the 11th international conference of Ethiopian studies, 393-406.

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E. e. Kaficho) Past, and Gofa Jussive. He (1990: 628) also concludes by saying that ‗case markers seem rather to indicate a possible direct Cushitic-Omotic relationship‘ although he admits that the suggestions made in the work are highly tentative. ‗Dative -s is the strongest Omotic-Cushitic isogloss and goes back to Afroasiatic. ). 16 According to Lamberti (1991: 553), Moreno subdivided the larger ―Cushitic‖ 15 According to Hayward and Tsuge (1998), however, these markers are evidence to group South and North Omotic together.

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