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By Susan Rennie, Sally Miller Gearhart

In 1976 A Feminist Tarot turned the 1st book of the newly-launched lesbian-feminist press in Watertown, Massachusetts, known as Persephone Press. From then till 1981 while Persephone ceased ebook, it went via 4 versions. Alyson guides (of Boston, and extra lately of la) has shepherded the ebook via extra variants (1981 and the current 1997 variation) as well as its Dutch translation released in 1985 by means of Uitgeverij Ankh-Hermes bv, Deventer. not like the explosion of women’s Tarot decks and interpretations of the 1980’s and 90’s, A Feminist Tarot makes use of the photographs of the normal Waite Tarot deck, proposing and unveiling them from the viewpoint of cultural feminist notion. It casts an increased interpretation upon each one card of the key and Minor Arcana, supplying either upright and reversed meanings, and a precis of conventional meanings in addition. It contains a heritage of and a statement upon the Tarot itself, illustrated lay-outs and customary makes use of of the Tarot, in addition to a quick bibliography.

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Some alienation from the unconscious or from understanding it. Self-doubt which narrows the querent’s outlook and constricts her belief in her life possibilities. Perhaps she must armor against an enemy. The reversed card may be a warning against western or allopathic medicine (the traumatic treatment of symptoms). It suggests that the whole body, the whole environment must create health. The querent or one near her may be threatened by male or patriarchal interference in her physical life. ” Traditional reversed meaning: Self-doubt.

Silent counsel. Discretion, vigilance. Reversed: DILETTANTISM Wisdom is rejected. The querent shies away from solitude, knowledge of sound and silence. Or perhaps these things are inappropriate to the querent’s life at this time. Patent rejection of some patriarchal learning that may have some virtue. Dilettantism or superficial knowledge. Buckshot learning. Skimming the surface. The querent may need to pass completely through the “hero” stage before becoming the hermit. There is still action to be taken.

The quaternary signs of the bull, lion, eagle, and angel (symbols of earth, fire, air, and water) represent the psychological functions of feeling, 30 The Major Arcana intellection, emotion, and intuition. These must be balanced if the querent is to understand the turning of the wheel. For the querent, new and more creative opportunities for growth. Traditional meaning: Unexpected turn of luck. The beginning of a new cycle in one’s affairs.. Whether good or bad depends on the surrounding cards—although usually the card means something positive.

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