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By Baugh, Albert Croll; Cable, Thomas

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From evidence such as this a European home for the Indo-European family has come to be considered more probable. One other linguistic consideration that figured prominently in past discussions is worth citing because of its intrinsic interest. The branches of the Indo-European family fall into two well-defined groups according to the modification that certain consonants of the parent speech underwent in each. They are known as the centum and satem groups from the words for hundred in Latin and Avestan, respectively.

444–58. , London, 1972), chaps. 1, 2, and 9. The Indo-European family of languages 31 27. Twentieth-century Discoveries. Besides the nine branches described above, discoveries in the twentieth century added two new groups to the family: Hittite and Tocharian. Until recently the Hittites have been known to us chiefly from references in the Old Testament. Abraham bought the burial place for Sarah from a Hittite (Gen. 23), and Bathsheba, whom David coveted, was the wife of Uriah the Hittite (2 Sam.

In High German some of these consonants underwent a further change, known as the Second or High German Sound-Shift. formulation of these correspondences is known as Grimm’s Law. The cause of the change is not known. It must have taken place sometime after the segregation of the Germanic from neighboring dialects of the parent language. There are words in Finnish borrowed from Germanic that do not show the change and that therefore must have resulted from a contact between Germanic and Finnish before the change occurred.

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