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For the real religious seeker:
This publication offers a pretty good strategy for a number of varied non secular reasons that's according to the data of the chakra procedure and its analogies with the 5 components on all 3 planes. you don't need notable skills to enhance your religious growth, to transparent and to heal your self. With at least effort and time on your day-by-day perform you may make nice development on your religious improvement. extra extra you'll adventure a deep balancing and vitalization in all points of your character.

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Table of Contents Introduction Microcosmic analogies - elements, chakras and planes Survey of the main analogies Locating the different chakras Activating the chakras - how it works The chakra concentration technique For deeper studies - main points on the chakra system What are chakras? Chakras and healing: Main chakras and their analogies / functions: Some more general words about this topic: A short add-on: Literature & authors for further studies Contact: A Superior Technique for Spiritual Activation, Healing and Transformation by Ray del Sole A Superior Technique for Spiritual Activation, Healing and Transformation ISBN 978-1-4461-5793-0 Copyright © by Ray del Sole, 2010 All rights reserved including the right to reproduce this work in any form whatsoever, without permission in writing from the author, except for brief passages in connection with a review.

The second chakra is the anus chakra - it contains the mysteries of the negative principle and of matter in general. The one who masters this small chakra masters the negative principle in microcosm and macrocosm. It contains also the mystery of total freedom. This mastership is reached by the cosmic letter Ä (AE). For more information about this - please read KTQ about AE. Literature & authors for further studies The books of Choa Kok Sui about Pranic Healing , Mantak Chia about Taoistic Alchemy, Boris Sacharow about Yoga, Arthur Avalon about Indian teachings, Indian wisdom (yoga) in general.

The term "ego" is in most cases negatively occupied - someone acts selfishly - egoistical - he doesn´t care about the needs of others. This is the absolute opposite to spiritual seekers who are working on expressing selfless love and service of God and creation. This can cause big conflicts in the soul of the student and it can end in bad fights with the ego nature. These are problems of the spiritual development. Therefore I want to explain the ego from a higher point of view for a better understanding and handling of the problem.

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