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17 Ann. 18 Ann. 19* Ann. 20 Ann. 21 Ann. 22 Ann. 23 Ann. 24 Ann. 25 Ann. 26 Ann. 27 Ann. 28 — — — — — — Text no. 26 (A, 5) Text no. 27 (A, 6) Text no. 28 (A, 7) Text no. 29 (A, 7x) Text no. 18 (A, 8) Text no. 19 (A, 9) Text no. 23 (A, 10) Text no. 24 (A, 11) Text no. 5 (B, 1) Text no. 6 (B, 2) Text no. 7 (B, 3) Text no. 8 (B, 4) Text no. 14 (B, 5) Text no. 15 (B, 6) Text no. 16 (B, 7) Text no. 17 (B, 8) Text no. 9 (C, 1) Text no. 22 (C, 11) Text no. 13 (C, 5) Text no. 10 (C, 2) Text no. 11 (C, 3) Text no.

In some regards, Tiglath-pileser followed Ashurnasirpal’s tradition of decorative reliefs and accompanying texts, but he also deviated from it. He had versions of his Annals written across several series of sculpted orthostats and had non-annalistic texts (see Summary Inscriptions below) inscribed on threshold and pavement slabs of his palace. Most of these inscribed and sculpted slabs do not survive today, with many being lost or destroyed in antiquity, by his fourth successor Esarhaddon (and possibly other Assyrian kings), or in modern times, by their excavators or local inhabitants.

That volume made the fundamental data for the reconstructions of the texts inscribed on stone orthostats widely available, publishing for the first time photographs of slabs housed in the collections of the British Museum, as well as original drawings that were made in the field and some of Layard’s unpublished papers. After almost seventy years, Rost’s Die Keilschrifttexte Tiglat-Pilesers III. had become outdated. With the discovery of new texts and advances in the understanding of Akkadian, a new standard edition was needed.

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