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We talk about love, about being friendly, kind and gentle, but we have no love, no real affection for people. I do not know if you have noticed that ramshackle bridge across the Varana. Have you walked over it, and noticed how shaky it is? People use it every day, their bicycles laden with cans of milk. It is a public hazard, yet there it stays, and nobody does anything about it, for the government does not care. And if you do not care either, you will have no love in your heart. Do you know what it is to feel for people?

When you say, ‘I am a Muslim’, or ‘I am a Hindu’, or ‘I am a Christian’, that ‘I’ is the result of the collective outward influence, is it not? And if you completely break away from that influence, will you still think as a Muslim, a Hindu or a Christian, or will you think as a human being who is free from all tradition? And, if you are free from tradition in every form—which means not only ceasing to be Muslim, or whatever it is, but also being free from the past which is made up of your own experiences—what will you have left?

You say that you have love for Sri Krishna, for all the images and the saints. But you are not loving; you are frightened. What is missing in this sad country is love. S: Why do people believe in God? K: That is fairly simple, is it not? Have you not noticed that when you are very happy and feeling full of life, you have no belief in God? Then you just live. You see, it is only the people who are frightened, who have not understood this complex thing called life—with all its agonies, miseries, aches, despairs, frustrations—it is only they who believe, who escape into something which they call God.

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