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By Michael Austin

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Along with her exact, impassioned voice and commonly used felicity of language, Terry Tempest Williams talks approximately barren region and flora and fauna, position and eroticism, paintings and literature, democracy and politics, relations and history, Mormonism and faith, writing and creativity, and different matters that have interaction her agile mind—in a collection of interviews collected and brought by way of Michael Austin to symbolize the span of her profession as a naturalist, writer, and activist.

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I think this is a marvelous story, and it gives me great hope and faith for what is possible in terms of restoration and healing on the earth. That reminds me of women in general and the image of the bear. I think of the bear as a very female presence, and I think of the ferocity of a Wangari Maathai (b. 1940) was awarded the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize for the activities that Williams describes in this interview. 27 A Voice in the Wilderness ttw: jt: ttw: jt: 2. mother bear. People think of the feminine spirit as very gentle, but there’s also part that, when stirred, will do anything to protect its young, or to protect something that is important.

If left alone, they just take over the cement in no time. Yes, there are these remnants of wildness all around us. And then I think about the large open spaces of wildness that we still have in this country, particularly in the American West. We still have a chance to do something right by embracing these wild places, by offering legislative protection. If we don’t, if we allow everything to become urbanized, if we allow everything to be an object of our exploitations, what will be the cost? What will the loneliness be that we suffer as a result of our lack of attention to wildness?

Love is what we fear. To disengage from the earth is our own oppression. I really believe that, Justine. ” Tell us your own experience of that. If we lose our connection to landscape—if we forget where the source of our power lies—a real power, not power in Washington, not power based Lawrence’s “poem” here is actually a prose excerpt from his essay A Propos of Lady Chatterly’s Lovers, (London: Mandrake Press, 1930). 32 Wild Heart jt: ttw: jt: ttw: jt: ttw: jt: ttw: on oppression, but power derived from an authentic life, from a life in balance, from a life of beauty, awe, integrity, compassion, empathy, then how can we know liberty?

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