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The topic of Adam's Graceis the interaction of theology and literature throughout a variety of genres and vernaculars: particularly, using medieval literary texts to give an explanation for the stability of the autumn and Redemption, the universality of unique sin, and the id of mankind with its first mom and dad, Adam and Eve. the method starts off with the Christian culture of apocryphal Adam-lives, which continue to exist and improve in lots of vernaculars. Later, Adam is used as a literary version, on whom many famous Christian figures of the center a long time - knights, popes, emperors, kings and saints - may be obvious to be established. They comprise Gregorius, the `medieval Oedipus', whose case demonstrates the solution of the ambiguity of the felix culpa; Parzival, trying to find the Holy Grail and for God within the antagonistic international into which he has been ejected; and the numerous medieval figures (literary or even ancient) linked to the legends of leprosy, blood and therapeutic which mirror the sacrifice within the Redemption. The final a part of the e-book appears on the drama, firstly the medieval representations of the autumn and the eagerness, after which the really diverse portrayal of Adam on level within the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation.

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McNamara (Sheffield, 1993) (= Journal for the Study of the Old Testament/ Supplementary Series 166), pp. 431–49. I remain indebted to Professor Stone for his kindness in keeping me in touch with his invaluable studies. There is a useful but brief survey (with further up-to-date bibliography) in Marinus de Jonge and Johannes Tromp, The Life of Adam and Eve and Related Literature (Sheffield: Academic Press, 1997). -philol. Kl. 14/iii (1879), 185–250, and Latin references are to this text. There are translations in the major collections edited by R.

Pagels’ study is still concerned with theologians; the present investigation begins more or less where she leaves off, and is concerned largely with the dissemination of theological ideas by writers other than theologians. 9 Friedrich Ohly, The Damned and the Elect, trans. Linda Archibald (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992) = Der Verfluchte und der Erwählte: vom Leben mit der Schuld (Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag, 1976). It was subtitled ‘guilt in western culture’ in the English version.

27 In the oriental texts this is usually five and a half days, which is interpreted, by way of II Peter 3:8, as 5,500 years – and the notion becomes a regular motif both within and outside the Adambooks, although the precise number of years varies. In the less closely related Adambooks, too, this is sometimes clarified even further and the precise nature of the Redemption is spelt out by Adam to his children after a revelation from God. 28 This is itself a complex allegorical (and soteriological) motif, developed in various ways in medieval thought.

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