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The European Parliament is elected directly, but studies show that these elections remain dominated by national issues (Franklin 2001; Schmitt 2005). Political parties, which are important channels to the political agenda in many member states, are much weaker and less integrated at the European level. The national representatives in the Council of Ministers are indirectly accountable through their domestic parliaments, but European issues tend to be rather unimportant in parliamentary affairs.

G. ; Keohane 1984: 80–3; Krasner 1982: 191–2; Young 1999: 24–5). This perspective asserts that international cooperation will arise in response to international collective action problems. These problems are twofold. On the one hand, countries may seek to coordinate policies in order to reap economies of scale. The clearest example of this type of international action is technical standardization: if all countries use the same technical standards for, say, telecommunications, communication across borders will be facilitated.

Additionally, venue shopping is relevant in relation to different international organizations or institutions within the EU. Actors that want to place an issue onto the international agenda have a choice between a range of venues that typically bring different views to bear on the issue. Chad Damro (2006) illustrated this point nicely in his analysis of the way in which the European Commission DG Competition ‘shops’ between different alternative venues for developing cooperation agreements in the international enforcement of competition policy, eventually choosing the venue that is most receptive to its perspectives.

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