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By José Marín-García; Michael J Goldenthal; Gordon W Moe

ISBN-10: 0387740716

ISBN-13: 9780387740713

ISBN-10: 0387740724

ISBN-13: 9780387740720

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Also shown are antioxidant factors in peroxisomes (catalase), mitochondria (GPx, GSH and MnSOD) and in the cytosol (CuSOD), which function to scavenge ROS and reduce their impact. increased life span [106]. This can be explained if radiation exposure produces a stable activation of cellular defenses [67]. Similarly caloric restriction (CR), which can be viewed as another form of moderate stress conditioning, can prolong the life span of almost every organism in which it has been used. Considerable evidence has shown that dietary restriction including reduction in caloric intake impacts cellular metabolism including redox remodeling, reducing ROS production and upregulating antioxidant defenses [107].

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