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By Rosicrucian Order AMORC, Frater Albertus, Timothy O'Neill, Dennis William Hauck, Ralph Maxwell Lewis, Christian Rebisse, Peter Bindon, Christian Bernard

This factor of the Rosicrucian Digest offers a compendium of fabrics that offer a great creation to crucial features of Alchemy.

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I” becomes many, as part of many that has its ultimate in one. ” Hence we begin to realize that the “I” is only a segment of the Divine, an entity in itself but not the true self, that which is All, the Divine. The wise ones, Sages, Adepts, or whatever names we may give them, those who have become illuminated, meet on the same plane. They have climbed to the mountain top. Theirs is the mastership over the world below. They can see what happens below and that which will happen because of their far-reaching sight.

4. The moral law is one of the basic laws of the universe. It is likewise called the principle of Karma, the result of cause and effect, or action and reaction. There is nothing vindictive about this principle. It works impersonally like any law of nature. As the fruit is contained in the seed, so the consequences are inherent in the act. This principle guides the destinies of both people and nations. 5. Life has a purpose. Life is not meaningless. 6. Humans have free choice. 7. ”Hermetic philosophers have taught the very same fundamentals even as philosophers of the future will do, for that which constitutes truth will remain truth.

The aspirant then should think long and well before undertaking such an ordeal, for if he is not prepared all will prove unsuccessful. The process in both the lesser and greater circulation is basically not expensive. In fact, it is relatively insignificant. But before this state can be reached much money, time, and effort can and, most likely, will be spent. It is for these reasons that an urgent appeal is made not to venture rashly into Alchemy, not to see oneself sitting in perfect personal health at the end of a rainbow with the world at one’s feet and with full pots of glistening gold.

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