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By Kenneth Grant

ISBN-10: 1871438365

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During this learn of Aleister Crowley's approach of sexual magic, Kenneth provide unearths the occult workings of the fireplace Snake or Kundalini-Goddess the cosmic energy that once woke up through magical ability assumes the shape that Crowley referred to as the Scarlet lady. supply additionally describes a style of dream keep watch over that Crowley and others used to identify touch with extraterrestrial and non-human beings and to arrange themselves for the conclusion of actual cosmic cognizance.

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In a word, the tendency to change is already so marked that it has begun to cause noticeable physical effects. What does such a transformation imply in terms of the astral and etheric constitution of man? Intercourse between minds without apparent means of communication is now a matter of common occurrence. Fifty years ago telepathy, together with similar subtle modes of communication was considered improbable, if not impossible. Today it is widely accepted and has 8 See The Dawn of Magic, Chapter 10.

They must then be disappointed and repelled at every point. If their sense of truth avails they smile and proceed. Instantly, the illusion vanishes and they see that the original claim is just. B[lavatsky] who persuaded seekers that she was a cheat (having claimed to be sent by the Masters). She did this so well that I have to hang on like a bull-dog to The Voice of the Silence to prevent myself doubting her Adeptship. This formula is ancient. , to a goat and then said, "This is our God and you have to kiss its arse".

Aeon 5 is Thelemic: Atomic cults (the Son behind the Sun). Aeon 6 is Maatian: ? '. , resumes not only the sevenfold aeonology but also the seven stations of Polaris (see Chapter i, p. II). Frater Achad" telescoped the Aeon of Horus into 44 years, and announced the commencement of the Aeon of Maat on 2 April 1948. As there is no sign that the Aeon of Truth and justice (Maat) has yet made its appearance, and as there have been no previous cases of truncated aeons, Achad's claim does not appear to be valid.

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