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AN creation TO LANGUAGE is perfect to be used in any respect degrees and in lots of assorted components of guideline together with schooling, languages, psychology, anthropology, educating English as a moment Language (TESL), and linguistics. All chapters during this best-seller were considerably revised to mirror contemporary discoveries and new knowing of linguistics and languages.

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The history of the diphthongs tert, tort is presented in the book in traditional terms (§§ 32-33), and yields a threefold classification according to which (1) the East Slavic languages introduced pleophony without lengthening of the vowel (tort> torot), (2) Polish and Lusatian obtained metathesis without lengthening of the vowel (tort> trot), and (3) South Slavic and Czech and Slovak obtained metathesis with lengthening of the vowel (tort> trat). This classification (which was first challenged by Rozwadowski) is oversimplified, as it recaptures only the end result of a complex historical process.

With respect to the so-called "neo-circumflex" accent, Stieber correctly sides with those scholars who see in it an innovation of some individual Slavic languages. On the other hand, the survey makes no mention of the Common Slavic shortening of the acute and/ or circumflex, which was due to the introduction of the neoacute (since it precluded the coexistence of two rising accents) and which modified the system of the inherited short and long vowels. The Historical Phonology of Common Slavic 29 The subsequent development of the Slavic accents in the particular Slavic languages is presented in a perfunctory and not always precise fashion.

76), though the same development is found to recur in Slavic also at a later time, as in southern stokavian, where the new cluster pj (in which the y resulted from the change of e to je) is again replaced by the sequence pi' (in such forms as pl'ëvâm, vl'ëtar, ml'era, tfpl'eti, zivl'eti). The loss of the epenthetic /' after labials was similarly not restricted to West Slavic alone, for it also took place in Old Bulgarian, and at a later time in various Russian dialects where the verbal forms l'ubl'ú, terpl'ú are systematically replaced by the form l'ub'ú, terpu.

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