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By D. A. Russell, M. Winterbottom

ISBN-10: 0198143605

ISBN-13: 9780198143604

Historic literary feedback has regularly been a very inaccessible topic for the non-specialist scholar. This variation presents for the 1st time the valuable texts in translation, giving the reader a whole view of old literary feedback and its improvement. as well as famous texts comparable to Aristotle's Poetics, Horace's artwork of Poetry, and Longinus's On Sublimity, the publication comprises whole types of Aristotle's Rhetoric publication III, Demetrius's On sort, and Tacitus's discussion on Orators. it is shorter passages variety from Homer to Hermogenes of Tarsus, as well as choices from Plato, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Cicero, the 2 Senecas, and Quintilian.

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With KephisophonI for dressing. EUR. Again, no prating prologues mine; no slapdash, clueless forewords! My prologist at once explained the drama's antecedents. DlO. And more respectable than yours, god knows, he must have shown them! EUR. And further, from the play's first lines I'd have no unemployment; the women I'd keep talking, and the servants just as freely, 949 the master of the house, young girl and aged crone-AES. Then surely you should have died the death for such effrontery. EUR. Good lord, no!

AES. Yet he taught many more, fine soldiers and brave, such as Lamachus, I known as 'the Hero'. I too, being shaped to the mould of his mind, bodied forth many patterns of greatness1040 a Patr6klos, or Teucer, the old lion-hearts; and I hoped that my fellow Athenians might take on the stamp of heroical types at the sound of the trumpeter calling. Never once, god knows, did my hand portray loose Phaedras or loose Sthenoboias, 2 AES. C. He was killed there. Phaedra, wife of Theseus, who loved her stepson Hippolytus: the reference is to Euripides' Hippolytus-the earlier version shocked more than the one extant.

To please him? DIO. If you'll take my advice. EUR. No, no! There's many a prologue I'll manage to quote 1230 that will baffle him yet in attaching a litt'l old flask. AES. DIO. I The Greeks sometimes amused themselves by completing the structure of a broken quotation with a fixed phrase or 'tag' such as 'and the partridge leg'. So, in modem versions of the same pastime, tags used are 'pork and greens' or 'grandmother's big red toe'. Sometimes, as in this scene, when the game was for two players, an object of some kind could be staked, and won or forfeited according to success or failure in attaching the tag, cf.

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