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Miraculously r e v i v e s him. peaceful and prepares prosperous reign . be i s born A f t e r many years o f Yudhi s ,t h i r a kingdom and r e t i r e s t o a f o r e s t hermitage. to renounces the S t i l l more sorrow fol l o w s as Vai 6ampayana next t e l l s o f the v i o l e n t death o f Krsna * . and h i s c l a n . The g r i e v i n g PSndavas and Draupadi then make t h e i r f i n a l journey, which culminates i n a joyous reunion o f a1 1 t h e s l a i n w a r r i o r s i n heaven.

Colour and so on ... 53 in the attempt to dissect the epic. most scholars entirely lost sight of Vyasa's Mbh and its enduring significance to the Indian tradition. 54 Since the late 1930s. epic scholarship has turned away from a search for an ur-Mahabh8rata. responding in part to the emergence of the new compa .... at i ve mythology (based on the theory and methods of Georges Dumezi1). and new theories of the processes of composition of oral narrative poetry based on the researches of developments helped Milman Parry to encourage and Albert the earlier Lord.

And critical The Mbh is not the accidental product of numerous redactions of a poem about warri ors • he argued. but rather. 1 ike the 11 i ad • tithe definitive fixing up by writing of rhapsodic pre-existing materials made by poets who have added their own creations and disposed the whole according to a pre-established design. correcti ng -- accordi ng to thei I"" own taste and capaci ty -- the giving unevennesses. a uni form Furthermore. Pisani observed. colour and so on ... 53 in the attempt to dissect the epic.

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